Assembly of in-tank floating ceiling

Our company provides service in the areas of industrial machinery assembly, pressured pipe manufacturing, steel construction, alloyed pipe welding, construction and assembly of annular tank, assembly of in-tank floating ceiling,  ,Depolama construction and assembly of storage tanks, natural gas piping systems, fire systems, port manifold systems, port pile piping.

We develop and manufacture high quality reliable cost-efficient environmentally friend products using advance technologies, satisfying and advancing customers’ expectations. We are growing in the target markets by developing continuously and making difference.We are advancing toward the future with confidence by supporting innovative and inventive efforts,making training works, raising long-term loyalty of our customers, employees and business partners. 

Our target is to be able to satisfy our customers’ expectations fully to improve our company’s competition and
 growth power.

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İndustrial machinery assembly
Pressure Pipe Resources
Steel construction
Alloyed pipe welding
Manufacturing and assembly of annular tank
Assembly of in-tank floating ceiling
Manufacturing and assembly of storage tank
Natural gas piping systems
Fire systems
Port Manifold Systems
Port Pile Piping
Led Lightening
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