Led Lightening
  • Single color light resource (narrow band): Because the light has the desired wavelength, there is no need for color separators like color filter or prism. For example, whole of the light produced in red LEDs at a wavelength of 617 nm is used in red traffic light. However, blue and green components of the light produced by incandescent lamps are suppressed and only its red component is used. If 8-10W LED array is used instead of 75 W incandescent lamp, 80% energy saving is achieved.
  • Very small light resource (a couple of mm 2): Small size fixtures are developed and light can be directed easily.
  • Wide range and easy use options for designers.
  • It is quick, it starts to illuminate in 200 ns

      • Long life: up to 100.000 hrs depending on use conditions
      • High light efficiency (efficiency is ever-increasing, for example, 108 lumen/Watt has been achieved under laboratorial conditions).

    Low heat generation: While filament heat reaches 2700 0C in incandescent lamps, 3100 0C in halogen lamps and tube heat in discharge lamps reaches 800-1100 0C, chip heat does not exceed 110 0C in LEDs.

      • Defined light angles,
      • Almost all colors in visible chromatic spectrum can be produced.
      • Dimerization is possible (0 – 100 %).
      • Durable against shocks and vibrations: It does not contain fragile components like glass or filament.
      • Different color temperatures for white LED: 3200, 4700, 5400, 6500 Kelvin.
    Environmentally friend: It does not contain heavy metals like mercury or halogen gases




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