Our policy about environment

To make effort at every rank for achieving 'environmentally' compatible and sustainable improvement and development and for sustainable use of energy and natural resources,

to make effort continuously for creating and raising companies’ awareness of environment, to support education, research and development studies in different areas of environment,

to make effort to implement the overall environmental legislation in accordance with the international norms and standards,

to make effort for development and practice of environmentally friend and clean technologies, voluntary environmental management systems and environmental standards, to support research and development studies on these matters,

to make effort for planned development of the world and for sustainable and rational use of natural resources, to cooperate with relevant central and local state offices and non-governmental organizations
İndustrial machinery assembly
Pressure Pipe Resources
Steel construction
Alloyed pipe welding
Manufacturing and assembly of annular tank
Assembly of in-tank floating ceiling
Manufacturing and assembly of storage tank
Natural gas piping systems
Fire systems
Port Manifold Systems
Port Pile Piping
Led Lightening
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